We manufacture glass beads following the venetian lampworking technique

Who we are

We are two venetian siblings, born in a family which has long been dedicated to handicraft. After exploring different roads, we have reunited to dedicate ourselves to beadmaking, which is the manufacturing of glass beads following the venetian lampworking technique.

All the merchandise you'll find inside our shop is produced and assembled either by us or by other estimated artisans.

If you come by our shop you may be lucky enough to witness the processing of the beads, which is done in an easily visible position inside the shop itself.

Nicola Miani

I was born in Venice but I moved to Mestre, where I live with my wife and daughter. I started my working career in the family business, which produced silver frames decorated with enamels. After assisting my mother - my teacher - in the manufacturing of the enamels, I have perfected the technique for a few years, until the elevated cost of production and the changes in the public's taste pushed me to follow other roads. Now I have joined my sister in the design and the assembly of costume jewellery with venetian beads, taking care of the commercial and administrative part of our business.

Elena Miani

I was born in Venice, and now I live in the island of Murano, with my husband, my two daughters and two cats. I, too, took part in the family business, managing the store we used to have in Venice. After that I explored other fields, working for a well-known venetian company, where I learned the art of beadmaking. In 2005 I decided to set up my own business working together with my brother, and to this day I manufacture every bead you see inside our shop: walking by the Calle you'll be able to see me, by the showcase, during the glass processing.

How we work

Inside our shop there is a specific torch which burns gas and oxygen. This burner can reach 900°C (1652 F) temperature, at which the glass melts.

In spite of the tight spaces, we decided to put it in a position also visible from the outside, allowing anybody to witness the beadmaking.

The glass processing takes place by fusing "canne" (sticks of glass) and letting them pour over a copper stick, which needs to be rotated steadily: the beads can be shaped in numerous design variations, which depend on the artist's technique, that makes them unique and unrepeatable. Colors and decorative effects are obtained from the union of more "canne", by adding gold and silver leaves, which can be submerged or left on the surface, or by melting "avventurina", small copper octahedrons.

When the bead has cool down completely, the copper stick is melted by acid, thus obtaining a hole in the bead itself.

But what does Murano Glass mean?

This word is often used improperly, because there is no "glass-tree" in the island of Murano: the difference is made by the technique and the selection of the materials which are found on the market.

Towards the end of the 13th century, the glass processing - because of the high risk of fire - was moved from Venice to the island of Murano, where the hand-blown glass technique developed.

Lampworking, requiring the use of a small burner, could be carried on even in small rooms without particular risks, therefore it remained in Venice, and particularly in Sestiere di Cannareggio, where, during the 17th century, it developed becoming a tipically feminine job. These women were called “Perlere”.

Using torches powered by animal fat, with the help of a bellow to add oxygen to the flame, it was possible to reach the necessary temperature to melt the glass and process it to obtain beads: the word “a Lume” comes from this archaic solution.

Our products

The products you'll find in our shop, being handmade, are mostly one-offs, but we decided to select a few models to be always at our clients' disposal, both in our store and purchasable through Reputeka, an e-commerce portal that promotes Italian artisans.

Below you'll find the links to our online shop, the downloadable catalogue in PDF, and a few close-up of this products.

Where we are

Cannaregio - Salizada San Canzian 5577 - 30121 - Venezia.
GPS N 45.439484° E 12.337577°

Our store is situated in the district of Canareggio, near the Ponte di Rialto and on the directive to Fondamenta Nove, and the boarding sites for Murano-Burano-Torcello.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information, or if you are interested in buying our products.

In case you are particularly interested in witnessing Elena during the beadmaking process, you can contact us to check whether she is working the day of your visit: if not we can see what we can try and accommodate your wish.

We are open everyday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Contact us

Shop's phone: +39 041 2759511
Nicola's mobile: +39 366 9602383
Elena's mobile: +39 340 6232009

e-mail: nicola.miani@gmail.com

Since none of us speaks English fluently, we recommend sending an e-mail, a text message or contacting us on Social Media in case you can't speak Italian.